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Cheap flights to china

If you want to travel the world, do it now. There is no better place to begin your travels than in China. Direct Flights know how to get cheap flights to China so that you can travel within your budget. Browse and compare prices so that you know how much money you save through us. We will mix and match the flights to China to give you the best deals.

Cheap Flights from New Zealand to China

Best price guarantee

When you make a flight booking to China through us, you are saving money for your travel adventures. At Direct Flights, our focus is to offer our customers the lowest airfares for leisure or business trips.

Customer service

When you book flights to China on Direct Flights we will work with you till you return home. Our customer service support is available 24/7, all year long. We work tirelessly to find out customers the cheapest flight prices available.

Best time to fly to China

Peak season

If you plan to fly to China, you should know that from May to August is considered the busiest. Domestic tourism is at its peak during this time due to school holidays. The weather is fantastic during these months and there’s much to look forward to. Flight rates and accommodation will be high during these months. Those who are on a limited budget must know that this is not the time to visit China. If you are planning to travel in the peak season, make advance bookings. The good news is that Direct Flights with find cheap flights even during peak season.

Shoulder season

The shoulder season in China would be April, September and October. Local tourism is low during these months. You can expect to get some good flight deals too.

Off-Peak Season

Winter in China is from November to March. Many tourist attractions are less crowded and the queues are shorter. Since China is massive, you can pick and choose where to go to avoid freezing weather. Cheapest flights to china can be purchased during winter on your online bookings.

Tips for tourists

Most regions in China get extremely crowded for local public holidays. The Chinese New Year or Spring Festival is the worst time to visit China. It’s nearly impossible to get tickets on public transport. The roads are jam-packed and tourist attractions brimming with people. Another time to avoid visiting China is the week of the National Day. The ‘Golden Week’, which is the first week of October (1st – 7th), is also a very busy time in China.

Popular destinations in China

What is China like?

China is the one the biggest countries in the world. It is the cradle of culture and home to one of the oldest civilizations. The list of sightseeing options here are endless. Whether you want to explore an ancient city or play with giant pandas, China has it all. In China you get something for everyone.

Which airlines operate to China?

You can get a direct flight from Auckland to Beijing daily, on Air China. Air New Zealand also has flights from Auckland to Shanghai. You can fly economy class, business class or first class on any of these airlines.

What are the main attractions in China?

Terra Cotta Warriors

Located in the city of Xi’an the Terracotta Army is sculptures of the armies under the first emperor of China. It is one of the greatest attractions in the country. It is located in a 20-hectare land and a place you should not miss.

Great Wall of China

If you fly to China, don’t leave without going to the Great Wall. It is one of the greatest sights in the world. It is one of the seven world wonders and millions of visitors come here annually.

Forbidden City

Located in Beijing, the Forbidden City was built during the Ming Dynasty. It is a well preserved heritage site that is a must see for visitors.