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Cheap flights from Auckland to Nadi

Looking for flights from Auckland to Nadi, Fiji? You've come to the right place. Auckland to Nadi flight time is less than 3 hours so its one of the best holiday spots for a quick getaway. Browse and book flights on your favoured airlines. We will mix and match various deals on offer to give you the most economical airfares.

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Customer service

When you book Auckland to Nadi flights on Direct Flights we will work with you from the start to end. Our customer service support is available 24/7, all year long. We will help you find the best deals and the cheapest flight prices available.

When to book cheap flights to Nadi from Auckland?

The best time to travel to Nadi is – whenever you can! Nadi, Fiji is a year-round destination. When you travel to Nadi, will depend on your personal preferences. Depending on the type of trip you are making or what you want to do will decide the best time to travel.

Peak season

Fiji has great weather throughout the year. In general, the high season of the year is July to August and December to January. July marks the longest festival in Nadi – Bula Festival. The week-long celebration is about parties, games, themed nights, parades and much more. Christmas and NYE celebrations are also popular with the locals. Since the flight time between Auckland to Nadi is less than 3 hours – you can take a quick trip in these months. Make sure to book your return flight early so that you don't spend extra at the last minute.

Off-Peak Season

February to October is the quieter months. Since Nadi is popular with surfers, you will find the surfing crowd throughout the year. You can find cheap flights from Auckland during these months. Travelling during the not so popular months can get you the cheapest flight price.

Flights from Auckland to Nadi

We will find you the best flight deals to Nadi. Since the duration between the cities is short there are no connecting flights.

Popular destinations in Nadi

What's Nadi like?

Nadi, Fiji is famed for crystal clear lagoons, white sandy beaches, and eco-adventure activities. Nadi screams adventure. You can climb mountains, dive into the ocean and explore the local culture. Fiji has many isolated islands. Compared to them Nadi is considered the city centre. You get the Nadi Airport and various touristy attractions here.

Which airlines fly from Auckland to Fiji?

There only direct flights to Fiji from Auckland on,

  • Air New Zealand
  • Fiji Airways

What is the flight time from Auckland to Fiji?

  • The flight time between the two cities is less than three hours.