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Cheap flights to Delhi from Auckland

Are you planning on taking a holiday to Delhi, India? Then Direct Flights will be able to help you. Finding cheap flights to Delhi from Auckland is simple for us. We will mix and match the best deals for you to have the finest trip when you fly from Auckland to Delhi.

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When to book cheap flights from Auckland to Delhi?

Delhi is a year-round holiday destination. But if you are wondering the best time to fly from Auckland to Delhi then here's a breakdown of the seasons.

Peak season

Springtime is the best time to visit Delhi. If you book your flight to Delhi from February to March. Or from September to December you will find plenty of things to do. The weather is awesome during this time. You will be able to experience the local culture during various festivals. Winter falls from December to January and you may need some clothes to cover up. Make sure you book return flights as early as possible so that you don't have to overspend.

Events for the season

  • Diwali (October/ November)
  • Christmas (December)
  • Lohri (January)
  • Holi (March)

Shoulder season

April to June are the hottest months in Delhi. Tourists tend to retreat during these months so you get Delhi all to yourself. You can expect to get a low flight price and special hotel deals too. The temperatures go up to 45 degrees on certain months. To beat the heat you must make sure to carry light clothing, sunscreen, and sunglasses and be hydrated all the time.

Events for the season

  • Dastkar Nature Bazaar
  • Mango Festival
  • Buddha Jayanti
  • Baisakhi Festival

Off Peak season

The monsoon season is from July to September in Delhi. These are the wettest months of the year. This is the best time of the year to grab cheap flights from Auckland. Getting around during the rainy season can be chaotic due to heavy traffic. You can go sightseeing at indoor locations during heavy rain. You can easily find good flight deals this season.

Departing on flights from Auckland to Delhi

Auckland Airport is the main international airport in New Zealand. There are different routes between the two cities.

International terminal – Flights to Delhi from Auckland will fly from the international terminal. For an international flight, the recommended arrival for check-in is 2 – 3 hours early.

Popular destinations in Delhi

Delhi is the capital of India. It is a cultural hub and the epicentre of tourism. The city is divided into two sections. As the name suggests New Delhi is all about futuristic buildings, active lifestyles and everything modern. The old city takes you back in time to multi coloured rickshaws, herds of cows and centuries-old buildings. Various festivals are celebrated in Delhi throughout the year.

Indira Gandhi International Airport. There are plenty of connecting routes by the following airlines,

  • Cathay Pacific
  • Thai Airways
  • Air New Zealand
  • Virgin Australia

The customer service at Direct Flights will get you the best flight deals between the two cities.