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Frequently asked questions on COVID-19 crisis

We understand that these are difficult times. If you are concerned with any of our policies, here are some links referencing cancellation policies within the travel industries.
- Commerce Commission New Zealand

The airline may provide options for you to rebook, hold credit or provide a refund, waiving their fees. We will process these options with a minimum fee of $77 per person. This fee is limited to the first change any additional changes will incur our normal fees.

We will review booking by booking to provide the relevant options since airlines are creating special policies for the crisis.

  • Most airlines are providing the option to retain the value of the cancelled ticket into credit. The credit will be with the airline; however, you would need to contact us for the rebooking within a certain time frame. 

  • The terms and conditions for credit use will vary from airline to airline, so review the details sent via email carefully. 

  • If your booking meets the right criteria, the airline will waiver their rebooking fees, however, fare and tax difference will apply. There's also a processing fee minimum of $77.

    The reissued tickets must be equal to or of higher value than the original ticket. If you rebook for a lower value, you will be forfeiting the remaining amount to the airline. 

    We do not action anything unless we have received written confirmation.

If you chose to cancel your booking, and you fit the criteria for the airlines' COVID 19 policy, there will be a processing fee minimum of $77. However, if you chose to cancel your booking and it does not meet the airlines' COVID 19 policy, the airlines and Direct Flight's Booking Conditions will apply.

If you wish to cancel your booking, please provide us with a written confirmation 3-4 days before departure. 

During this COVID-19 pandemic, it is a difficult time for both us and our customers. To provide the work of cancelling, rearranging and refunding your bookings, we will charge a processing fee (minimum $77). This will assist in keeping our business operating so that allowing our team can put in the time and effort, in achieving desirable results for our customers.

Please send us an email or call us so we can check the airline's policy regarding your booking. Once you have received this information, please reply to the email confirming your decision. We will not put your booking into refund unless we have received a written confirmation.


  • Bookings with promotional fees of 0% for Visa and Mastercard, will still have non-refundable merchant fees (1-3%) deducted from refunds.
  • We cannot advise the exact refund amount since it is at the discretion of the airline.

The airlines and suppliers are receiving exceptionally high volumes of refund requests, so it may take up to 14 weeks or more to be processed. We have been informed that refund applications are being processed based on departure date. We will immediately refund the amount back to the original form of payment as soon as we receive the funds from our supplier.

Further Questions

If you have any further questions that have not been covered in this FAQ, do not hesitate to make enquiries at