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Cheap Business Class Flights

Find cheap business class flights with Direct Flights and save some money for extra spending on your trip. Flying business class with Direct Flights can help you find cheap flights and save on your flight tickets.

When you book through Direct Flights, flying business class is no longer impossible. No matter whether you plan to take a short journey or a long one, we got you covered.

When you book business class flights you can expect to travel in sheer comfort. The super comfy amenities and services on business class will help you relax through your journey. You will no longer be too tired to start your trip on the same day. When you arrive at the destination, you will be completely recharged. If you are travelling on work this will be very useful. Attending a business meeting after a long flight won't make you feel tired when flying on business class.

How to book Business Class Flights with Direct Flights?

Here are the simple steps to grab a cheap business class flight from us:

  • Log on to the site and add,
  • The type of trip (round trip/ one way/ stopover)
  • Departure and arrival cities/airports
  • The air ticket class (Business Class)
  • Travel period
  • Airline of preference
  • Number of persons travelling (Adult/ Child/ Infant)

To find out special business class deals, contact our customer service staff. The 24/7-customer care line is open for your queries 7 days a week, all year long.

Why travel on business class?

Apart from the obvious comfort of the seats, flying business class has these perks too.

Priority check-in
When you arrive at the airport only to be greeted by a long check-in line, you'll be happy that you booked business class. A dedicated check-in line is available for business class passengers. As a priority passenger, you have the liberty to skip long queues and enjoy prompt service.

Extra baggage allowance
Many airlines offer extra luggage allowance to business class passengers. You can carry extra kilos on your check-in luggage or hand luggage. The extra amount depends on the airline you travel in.

Premium lounge access
When you fly business class spending time to board the plane is no hassle. These luxury enclaves are equipped with everything you need. From comfortable seating, relaxing space, shower area, and concierge services. You can also look forward to buffet meals or tasty a la carte dishes. Some of the business class lounges go the extra mile of including spas and salons. If you are travelling on business you can remain productive at the business centres available.

Onboard facilities
One of the major benefits of travelling business class is having spacious seats. Extra leg space is a lifesaver, especially for long flights. Most business class seats can recline into flatbeds to sleep on. The food served for business class passengers is far better than on economy class. You can even enjoy gourmet meals on certain airlines.

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