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Thai Airways Baggage Details

Baggage Allowance

For more information on the baggage you can find full details from below charts.

Thai Airways International
Weight / Piece - applicable for flights to/from all destinations
Class Baggage Allowance
  International Flights Domestic Flights (with in australia and NZ)
  Adult Child Infants Hand luggage Adult Child Infants Hand luggage
Economy 20 20 10 7-8 kilos 7-8 kilos
Business 30 30 10 7-8 Kilos 7-8 Kilos
• In piece concept one luggage would be no more than 20-23 kilos.
• Each piece have some different dimensions, which depend on different airlines and route.
• Luggage may vary from route and fare type.
• Sometime 30 kilos may less to 20 kilos (mostly it happen with SQ,AI,MH)
• International flights with connected to domestic airlines, baggage allowance is same for those domestic flights.
• If travelling outside Australia, but domestic with in other countries. Baggage allowance not more than 20 kilos.
• Important : if passenger travelling to US and flight include domestic with in US, then most of the flights doesn’t include baggage for domestic flights.
• Also if there is no checked in baggage allowed, then hand luggage is always included in flights. (which is 7-8 kilos)